I have written a report about the project.


  1. dieguito said

    Great work, congrats.

  2. Jordi said

    Very cool! Great work, Cecilia!

  3. This is wonderful work! Thanks a lot.

  4. Stéphane said

    You doesn’t seem to use the right method to export to PDF.

    For PDF, include pdf files instead of eps and use \pdfoutput=1 (in your .tex) then type pdflatex file.tex instead of latex file.

    \pdffalse % we are not running pdfLaTeX
    \pdfoutput=1 % we are running pdfLaTeX

  5. Stéphane said

    This package is a another solution to solve eps images problem:

  6. Very cool! It’s great to see good bugfixing going on in evo.

  7. andre said

    thanks very much for the good work!

    andre (one of those evolution folks) :-)

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