More accelerators

The increase of time of g_memmove() at quick_accel_add() is due to some accelerators that are added and never removed. For each iteration we have 42 accelerators more which will remain in memory till evo is closed. Specifically, they are only 6 generic accelerators (*Control**Shift*s, F1, *Control**Shift*w, F9, *Control*w, *Control*q) but that are added 7 times. The 7-times-addition happens for all the others too, but every time they are added with a different closure.

I uploaded here the log where we can see the mentioned problem. There are 100 switches, every one starts with the word “ITERACION #”, then the last accelerators are removed (I print the pointer to the closure and the current number of accelerators) and are added the new needed (I print some data like id of widget, accelerator and closure, number of accelerators, position in the vector and time of g_memmove).



  1. Chris said

    Great work, congrats. 🙂 (The link to your log doesn’t seem to be working from here, though.)

    – Chris.

  2. m3gumi said

    Thanks Chris!
    I have updated the link. I hope it works now!

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