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Ok, there’s a lot of days I don’t post. I’ve been at Galicia, with my grandparents and I had few opportunities to connect to the net.
In these days I had profiled Evo in many stages of the component switching and I had take more timing tests of situations I considered relevant to understand the profiling.
I put timers in the functions component_view_activate and component_view_deactivate, which are called in every switch. For mail (the component with the worst behaviour) the time of activation is, firstly, over the time of deactivation and both times increase in every iteration. But after many iterations the time of deactivation increases over the time of activation.
For example, the first switch takes:
deactivate: 0,030000; activate: 0,340000
And after 300 iterations we get:
deactivate: 1,360000; activate: 1,120000
Due to this increasing of the time of mail deactivation I got in this chart the increase of component contacts, which should deactivate mail.

Besides, sysprof says that the responsible of the bottleneck in components activation/deactivation is the processing of xml. I’m right now analysing that set of functions. Perhaps the best way for optimise this part of the code is specialisation by eliminating communication in xml. Is it an sacrilege?


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  1. lilia said

    hey leimos un post en slash dot acerca de tu trabajo “Evolution component optimisations” y q eres una de las mujeres seleccionadas en Women’s Summer Outreach Program 2006… pertenezco a de barcelona y me encantaria hacerte una entrevista, contactate a través de nuestras web…
    soy lilia.. ojala podamos entrevistarte.. eres una crack!

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