Some charts

I’ve tested more cases of components switching and here I post the charts which summarize the results.

* Mail: Ok, we see it yesterday, this strange increase of time when switching 50 times the mail component, but only from a threshold.

Mail switching

-> And what about the other components? Will they suffer the increase of time, too?

Let’s see…

Contacts: linear time… (except the first or second execution, this is common for the following components).
Contacts switching


Calendar switching


Tasks switching


Memos switching

Mixed: We switch in the order Mail-Contacts-Calendar-Tasks-Memos. This is a bit special. Here, time increases again with a different multiplier factor for each component, although calendar, memos and tasks are similar.

*Edited* This is the right image, the one I removed hasn’t got data in correct order. Nevertheless, the conclusion is the same, because the disorder wasn’t important.

Mixed switching



  1. Manu said

    ¿con qué has hecho los gráficos?

  2. m3gumi said

    Hola Manu,
    los gráficos están hechos con OpenOffice (calc).

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