My jhbuild issues (el calvario llamado jhbuild)

Finally, I’ve finished all the installation of Evolution with jhbuild on my laptop (running a Debian unstable). I’ve found many obstacles during this process and I’d like to enumerate them here.

1. A lot of development packages were needed. Normally, I could guess which was the required package by the messages of jhbuild or the file config.log. For example, I haven’t installed a devel package of x11. Neither cairo nor pango complained about it, but gtk+ couldn’t compile and I didn’t know why. Well, this isn’t true. In fact, cairo complained about no X found, but silently… I discovered it in the config.log of cairo. Why coudn’t the configure of cairo find the X system? Well, checking the log I noticed that the header Intrinsic.h haven’t been imported… and it was from the libxt-dev package… apt-get install libxt-dev… OK!

2. The great problem, the dummiest and most difficult to detect was related to my shell paths. I wasn’t able to link some modules properly with the other already installed. Why? Because they intend to link with the libraries of my system. Echo $PATH, echo $PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Humm, suspicious – the first option in the path were my system libraries or binary locations. Any problem with .jhbuildrc? No, it was ok. And what about my .bashrc? There it was the stupid error. I’ve defined paths like ‘PATH_X=/path/1:/path/2:/etc’ instead of ‘PATH_X=$PATH_X:/path/1:/path/2:/etc’. When the jhbuild environment starts, it takes firstly the definition of variables from the .jhbuildrc file (which keeps the paths of the custom installation), and then from the .bashrc file (standard system environment). So, with the wrong way, it got the path of the system first and then the path of the jhbuild installation instead of jhbuild:system.

3. When I resolved the last error, I continued with more library problems. A library of my system was required (gobject), but the last last version (2.12). Not available at Debian unstable. Take it from Debian experimental :/ and go on.

4. With hal, I had problems with the version of libvolume-id too. The version required was older that the one available in Debian. Luckily, I found an RPM package of the old version and I installed it.

This is only a summary of my jhbuild issues, but gives an idea of my desperation these days… mostly because I had the sensation that I’d never finish the installation.

Finally, the building was completed. For execute evo from my own home I followed this Federico’s advice:

1. Create a ‘devel’ user.

2. xhost +

3. ssh -X devel@localhost

4. export DISPLAY=:0

5. jhbuild shell

6. execute evo

Without these steps I have problems 😦


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  1. Hopefully some fo these things are mentioned in the “Jhbuild issues” pages:

    If not, maybe you could add something there.

    Note that evolution is probably the most difficult thing to build in jhbuild. Well done.

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