First post

Three years ago I used to write periodically a blog. It was funny but not necessary. So, my old blog lived only six months, as long as my enthusiasm existed. Today I inaugurate this (parallel private) blog because I’m participating in the Women Summer Outreach Program. Here I’ll post principally all the process of building my project (the optimisation of the components of Evolution).

Right now I’m building Evolution from jhbuild. It’s taking more time than I expected due to missing development packages in my Debian installation and other configuration problems. Besides, I’m going to start coding the LDTP automation scripts which I’ll need for next steps.

I expect I could start profiling soon, when all the Evolution package and dependencies have been installed. That will be the most interesting task!



  1. ana said

    I just wanted to say ‘enhorabuena’ for winning one of the GNOME grants. Way to go, Cecilia! ūüôā

    As a female computer engineer, I am a bit disappointed that GNOME got no female applications through the Google Summer of Code program.

    At Google, where I work, we like hiring folks involved in Open Source, so if you feel like doing an internship with us, or joining full-time, drop me a line!

  2. Ana, tenemos permiso para reproducir la nota de elPaís. Me interesa mucho usarlo en nuestro especial de tecnología pero no tengo foto suya, podria ponerse en contacto conmigo? gracias. Claudia Cruz (

  3. Beriilosal said


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